Our history


It all started when...

When we started Germain, we intended it to be something else. We envisioned it to be a men’s fashion accessories portal which in transition through the denim phase turned out to be a full men’s fashion retail destination. We aim to facilitate the men from all walks of life with articles of clothing and accessories that have been created with quality materials and superior craftsmanship. The elegant lines and luxurious feel of brand offerings have been thoughtfully curated and procured.

We aim to serve the multitude of men who have fashion woes, as well as timelessness with various tailor made services to appease the buying process for the clothes. We have carefully chosen the brands, and have equated with the widely known or little known brands, to keep the balance and have something to placate the different tastes and indecisiveness. The brand list is growing and we will continue working with brands that offer the best in quality and design. In the process of securing a brick and mortar space, we are currently offering our services online, and have a dedicated online store which carries most of the brands and their offerings lined up for the store.

We started the journey in June 2015, when this idea was planted in my head about wanting to do something different, something I would be passionate and knowledgable about. Having the most experience in the restaurant industry for 18 plus years, I decided to shift my experience, skills and knowledge acquired to a very different industry, fashion. It is a daunting task for men to be able to shop, let alone choose from wider variety, but I believe when men are equipped with few but choice options, it makes it a lot easier, and enjoyable experience.



Dipesh K.